Vice President
Dean, College of Science, NCHU



Prof. Yin-Tzer Shih

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Research Interests

•Imaging Process, Data Analysis, Scientific Computing and Modeling


  • Vice President, NCHU (2023/08 to present)
  • Dean, College of Science, NCHU (2018/02 to present)
  • Director, Big Data Center, NCHU (2020/02 to present)
  • Director, AI & Data Science Program, NCHU (2019/08 to present)
  • TWSIAM 1st -3rd Supervisor, 4th Executive Board Member of Council (2020/08-2022/07)

Specific Objectives

  • BEC: model the rotating Bose-Eistein Condensation (BEC) problem to observe rotating vortices.

  •  AI for medical data: Cooperate with Taichung Tzu Chi Hospital t and Changhua Christian Hospital for predicting the drug side effect.

  • Image processing: In-depth and detailed works on numerical model for images.

Highlight paper 

    • Predicting Adverse Drug Effects: A Heterogeneous GCN with a MLP Approach. PLoS One. (Dec. 2022)

    • The role of extracranial carotid duplex in predicting functional outcome in 1st time lacunae strokes. Neurological Research (Nov. 2022)

    • A numerical scheme for the ground state of rotating spin-1 BEC. Scientific Reports (Nov. 2021)

Honors and Awards

•Edison Awards, Silver Medal Award, 2017 (USA)

•R&D100 Awards, 2016 (USA)

•The ITRI Elite Award, Gold Medal Award, 2015 (TW)

Research impact

•Design and development of an ultrafast rechargeable aluminum-ion battery

•Design and set up the first aluminum-ion battery pilot plant 

•Unveil mechanisms of aluminum anode reactions and the role of the artificial solid electrolyte interphase

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

An ultrafast rechargeable aluminium-ion battery
(Nature 520, 324–328 (2015))

Rechargeable Na/Cl2 and Li/Cl2 batteries 
(Nature 596, 525–530 (2021))

Associate Professor &Director
for Computer Center of School of Management



Prof. Lo-Yao Yeh

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Honors and Awards

•2012 Yu-Ziang Hsu Scientific Paper Award scholarship (徐有庠科技論文獎)

•2011 TIEEE Ph.D Best Dissertation -Honorable Mention Award

Research Topic

•Blockchain Technology, Applied Cryptography, VANET, Cloud computing



•Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures (CEHv7)

•Advanced Cloud Security Auditing For CSA STAR Certification

•Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFIv8)

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

• 2012 Yu-Ziang Hsu Scientific Paper Award scholarship

Honors and Awards

•Distinguished Professor (III), National Chung Hsing University, (2022/8)

•Excellence in Teaching Award (II), National Chung Hsing University, (2020/8)

Research impact

•Using metal catalysis to synthesize important and interesting organic molecules.

•Development of organic methodology: With particular interest in aqueous reaction systems for application in site-selective chemical modification of biomolecules.

•Chemical Biology: Use the concept of organic chemistry to design the functional probes and the synthesis of complex carbohydrate antigens

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

Honors and Awards

•Outstanding Research Award of the Ministry of Science and Technology (2020)

•Yongguang Green Chemistry Research Paper Award (2020)

•The 17th National Innovation Award (2020)

•”Outstanding Polymer Application Award” by the Polymer Society of the Republic of China (2016)

Research impact

•Recyclable Thermoset Composites

•green Chemistry

•Plastic Upcycling

•Non-halogen flame retardant technology

•5G communication printed circuit board substrate

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

ACS Appl. Polym. Mater. 2022, 4, 1, 413–424

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2023, 11, 23, 8580–8591

ACS Sustainable Chem. Eng. 2022, 10, 7, 2429–2440

Green Chem., 2019,21, 4475-4488

Honors and Awards

•Postdoc Academic Publication Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2014)

•Poster award from 7th Asia-Pacific Winter Conference on Plasma Spectrochemistry (2017)

Research impact

•Development of 3D/4D-printed analytical devices for chemical and biochemical analysis

•Development of efficient sample pretreatment schemes and online automatic analytical systems for ultrarace analysis

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

First example of elemental tagging scheme for ICPMS-based BioD of GO
(Cover story in Anal. Chem. 2020)

First example of 4D-printed solid phase extraction device
(Front cover in Anal. Chem. 2021)

Honors and Awards

•Distinguished Engineering Professor Award, Chinese Institute of Engineers (2023)

•Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2019)

•Gold Medal Award, Taiwan Innovation Technology Expo Invention Competition – “Carbon dioxide capture
and utilization device and treatment method”

Research impact

•Innovative Design of Electro-Fenton Technology Reactor for treatment of high COD wastewater

•Carbon dioxide capture and crystallization granulation technology for carbon neutralization

•Homogeneous crystallization technology for resource recovery from wastewater

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

First example for carbon neutralization by carbon dioxide capture and homogeneous crystallization.
(Chemical Engineering Journal, 2020)

Proposed the mechanism of fluidized-bed Fenton technology. (Journal of Hazardous Material, 2015)

Honors and Awards

•Outstanding Research Award, Academia Sinica (2000)

•Wu Da-Yuo Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2004)

•Outstanding Research Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2014)

•Excellence in Technology Transfer Award, Ministry of Science and Technology of Taiwan (2016/2020)

Research impact

•Undertake research utilizing novel electro-plasmon metal-surface elextrodes

•Design and development 3d-multilayered plasmonic thin-films

•Create a high-rate LIB anode materials

Specific Objectives

Highlight paper 

First example of Bivanadium-MOF enabled lithium ion storage.
(VIP paper in Angew. Chem. 1997)

First example of hybrid bilayer enabled a portable LED plasmonic biosensing (Cover picture in Chem. Comm. 2022)